My rapidshare account has expired today. I have 15 days to decide if I want to renew my account and save my uploaded links from being deleted. In the mean time, DOWNLOAD AWAY PEOPLE.....GO GET EM' NOW Because with this economy, I don't know if I can justify spending the loot to renew my RS account. It's tuff out there...and I have more than enough music.
But who the hell knows...I may renew at the last minute ;}

Just a heads up. - wino


Smoke286 said...

Hey, whatever you decide to do man, thanks for the great tunes

Anonymous said...

do you not have the 10000 points to convert for a months free membership?
also if you log into your account, down at the bottom if you click on "Transfer all files to Collector Account" you can move them to another account and then move back to any premium account later provided they havent time inactivity deleted themself.

Brandonio! said...

May I suggest Mediafire it's free for cryin' out loud!