WEIRD OWL - ever the silver cord be loosed (2009)

WEIRD OWL manages the neat trick of sounding retro and modern at the same time on Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed. Though wallowing firmly in the mire of 60s psychedelia, dark mystic division, the Brooklyn quintet creates its own shuffling swamp thing out of the magick muck. The band’s midtempo pace and guitar-centric attack recall prime CRAZY HORSE, its dark aura the haunted atmospheres of groups like BLACK WIDOW, its lyrics the mushroom intellectual whimsy of any number of well-meaning late 60s acid philosophers. It’s like an angry LOVE translating the ALEISTER CROWLEY oeuvre into music with NEIL YOUNG on guitar. As such, songs like “Tobin’s Spirit Guide” and “Do What the Owl Wilt” won’t slap you across the face to get attention – they’d rather slither at a measured pace until your brain cells make room.
The album is definitely a grower – the rush won’t hit you immediately, but once it does, you’ll wonder where it’s been when you needed it.

01. Mind Mountain
02. Skeletelepathic
03. 13 Arrows 13 Stars
04. Tobin's Spirit Guide
05. Do What Th' Owl Wilt
06. Phases Of The Moon
07. In The Secrecy Of Oceans
08. Flying Low Through The Air After Thunder




Zer0_II said...

Thanks for introducing me to this band. They have a unique sound which immediately impressed upon hearing a few songs on their myspace page. I'm downloading this now, and I hope the full album holds up as well as the songs I listened to. Thank you the work you put into this blog. Take care.


Vasily Zaytsev said...

Yeah a really unique sound! Great album!