Devendra Banhart - What Will We Be

Okay this won't be for everyone. I recentlly bought a Gibson Acoustic and I've been drowing in the world
of acoustic rock and folk lately. Here is a cat that was featured in this month's Acoustic Rock magazine.

Devendra Banhart (born May 30, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter and visual artist. Banhart was born in Houston, Texas and was raised by his mother in Venezuela, until he returned to California as a teenager. He began to study at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1998, but dropped out to perform music in Europe, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Banhart released his debut album in 2002, continuing to record his material on the Young God and XL labels, as well as other work on compilations and collaborations.

Banhart is associated with the New Weird America genre and his music was called "free associative work". His style has been described as psych folk, avant-folk, freak folk, Lo-Fi, and alternative folk.

What Will We Be is Devendra Banhart's seventh studio album released on October 27, 2009, on Warner Brother Records. The album was co-produced by Banhart and Paul Butler from A Band of Bees. Rejoining Banhart are old band mates Noah Georgeson, Greg Rogove, Luckey Remington, and Rodrigo Amarante, all of whom worked with him on his previous album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon.


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