ames Lewis Carter Ford (born c1920 Forest, Mississippi) is an American blues musician better known by his stage name, T-Model Ford. Unable to remember his exact date of birth, he began his musical career in his early seventies and has continuously recorded for the Fat Possum Records label. His musical style melds traditional Chicago blues and juke joint blues styles with the rawness of Delta blues and the rebellious attitude of 1970s-style punk. Alternately known as "The Taildragger", Ford, in reference to his age, has been known to tell studio musicians, "T-Model Ford is going to remember you sorry fuckers how it's done."

Currently, Ford resides in Greenville, Mississippi and also writes an advice column for Arthur magazine. (This has since ended). Ford claimed to be 88 at his birthday celebration in June 2008. According to records, his birth was somewhere between 1921 and 1925. According to his half-sister (still alive in Tennessee), he was born in 1922. Recently T-Model has been playing locally with his 11-year-old step-grandson STUD as his drummer (after multiple falling outs with Spam, apparently over the latter's refusal to give up smoking), claiming of the youngster, "That boy is BAD." In 2008, Ford began working with Seattle-based band GravelRoad. The project began as a single event, with Ford needing assistance to play the Deep Blues Festival in Minnesota in July 2008. GravelRoad, long time fans of Ford and performers already scheduled for the Deep Blues Festival, agreed to provide support for a 10 show US tour for Ford through July. T-Model had a pacemaker put in less than 2 weeks after the completion of the summer tour. It appeared as if he would not be able to play again. But from his hospital bed he declared that he would go out again. After receiving doctor's clearance, Ford played a handful of shows locally and was able to return to the road with GravelRoad for a 3 week tour of the Southern/Southeastern US in November & December 2008. Ford and GravelRoad completed a third tour of the US in April. This time, they did 16 from march to April 2009, including stops through the south, southwest, and west coast. T-Model Ford and GravelRoad are planning another US tour this July (including a second trip to the Deep Blues Festival) and a run through Europe in September & October 2009. According to Ford, he is not retiring. "No way ... only the good lord knows when I'm gonna stop." To that end, Mr Ford has said he has had a dream that he will live to 110. At that rate, he's got over twenty years left.



Anonymous said...

His personality translates well on the recordings. Part of the quality of the material, I think.

Christian & the 2120´s said...

I will play at the same festival as the man here in Sweden in a couple of weeks, it´s gonna be a trip!.
Taildragger will also perform the very same day