Humble Pie 1972-03-16 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA

1. Four Day Creep
02. Come On Everybody
03. I'm Ready
04. I Wonder
05. Hallelujah, I Lpve Her So
06. Sweet Place And Time
07. Rolling Stone
08. I Don´t Need No Doctor

Steve Marriott- Guitar/Vocals
Greg Ridley- Bass
Jerry Shirley- Drums
Dave(Clem) Clempson- Guitar



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Dr.Alphonzo said...

Hello - I stumbled across your blog about a week ago - you have very good taste in music!!
I would love to hear this Humble Pie show but the link in dead - is there any chance you could re-post??
I do have a few Humble Pie bootlegs if you want to get in touch?(Skunk@illegal.co.uk)

Thanks for the blog - awesome!!