Nuit Blanche 2010

These days with an election looming for the city of Toronto, and the poor state of affairs with the city, it seems like the people of this town have been in a bad mood lately. Well not last night.

Nuit Blanche (the 5th annual) was on last night. For one sleepless night, Toronto artists transform the city centre into art installations from dusk to dawn. Set up throughout the city centre with free entry to the exhibits, and TTC subway and bus service running all night, this is one outstanding innovative event celebrating art. Toronto's annual sunset to sunrise celebration of contemporary art.

There was no way we could see everything. Danoil Lanois (famous Canadian producer for U2, Neil Young among many others) transformed city hall's Nathan Phillips Square into an oasis of multi sound and screen video.

For me, I caught the installation at the old Wychtwood Barns (formally the grave yard for Toronto street cars) now a vibrant community multi art studio. Micheline Roi- OBSOLESCENCE 2009....It was a sound installation. I walked into what looked like 20-30 tiny speakers suspended from fishing line. I stood in the centre as sound and music dripped out from all points. Very interesting.

Next up was my favorite :

John Shipman, Pamela Williams, Zhang Xing- ALL NIGHT I MOURNED MYSELF Located at St. Mathews on St.Clair West.
I laid down on quiet church pew in the dark. A pseudo coffin. I was to pick up the CoffinPhone and watch and hear my mourners as video of them at my grave site was cast on the ceiling above me. This was very interesting listen to what people's thoughts may be, as they stand at YOUR grave.

Finally we went to the Horse Barns of Castle Loma...I could't make this one out, but I think it was a video diary of a serial killer, taking his victims to a cabin in the woods.

With over 130 free contemporary art projects and over 500 artists. I couldnt see all this in one night. I'm now a fan. Don't miss this next year. It's growing every year and I bet next year it will be a break out year and will be one of the MUST DO's for Toronto, like Luminato, NXNE, or TIFF

You'll come away inspired and chock full of super fuzzy good vibes...and just maybe an idea of your own.

Nuit Blanche1

Nuit Blanche2

Nuit Blanche3

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