The Artist Formerly Known As Captain Beefheart (1994) Documentary

Here is a film on the late great Don Van Vliet. A huge inspiration on me during my art college days.
The word needs more Beefheart - wino


Description: a BBC portrait made in 1994 but not shown until 1997 which covers Don Van Vliet’s childhood in the Mojave desert and teenage friendship with Frank Zappa (who is interviewed), his discovery of the old blues masters, his adoption of the name Captain Beefheart as an homage to his idols such as Howlin’ Wolf and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and fantastic performance footage from as early as 1966 as well as footage from his 1970s art shows.

The documentary is presented and narrated by the late John Peel, and includes interviews with Simpsons creator and Beefheart aficionado Matt Groening and one-time Magic Band guitarist Ry Cooder plus others who stayed for a longer ride with the Captain.

If you watch this doc, please leave me your comments about the doc.


wino said...

Here are the DL's


Chris said...

Thanks Wino!

I've had a hard time appreciating Vliet.

This movie helps out.

As a fellow MS sufferer, I can completely understand the exit from the music biz, to hanging out in the desert and painting. The fatigue would be horrible for such a creative person such as Don.