Billy Squier - Don't Say No (1981)

I was jamming recently with my old buddies on Friday night. During one of our Stoner Rock breaks over cold beer, Billy Squier's name came up. Why? I have no freakin idea other than it was just a bunch of musicians rewinding on the old days of music. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed this guilty pop rock pleasure.  But as it turns out, so did these hard rock salty bearded stoners too!

 Billy Squier was one of those artists that come around every once and awhile that can play to evereyone's sensibilty. (Cool Pop I guess). Although this record is really cheesy in production and the riffs are basic rock radio riffs, it did a have a cool factor when it came out in 1981. The guys dug it and the chicks dug it too! Everyone understood the simple factor. But during a time when disco had finally come to an end and the new wave music scene was on the rise, this was a balance that most could enjoy.  New wave meets pop rock. 

Spin this...it will have the chicks bumpin skin in no time!   ;}


1.  In the Dark
2. The Stroke
3. My Kinda Lover
4. You Know What I Like
5. Too Daze Gone
6. Lonely Is the Night
7. Whadda You Want from Me
8. Nobody Knows
9. I Need You
10. Don't Say No

Playing Time.........: 00:38:20
Total Size...........: 87,82 MB


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