Thin Lizzy - Renegade (1981)

It's the long weekend. It's pay day and It's friday!...and we are getting a blast of warm air here in Toronto...plus 10C in February is like Cuba weather for us Canadians. A nice thaw. It don't get much better...so while I was opening up my BBQ, I found an old cassette sitting there. Thin Lizzy's Renegade!...why was a Thin Lizzy cassette sitting inside the BBQ? I have no fuckin idea! But I love this album. It's one of those records that you know is not there best, but it just grows on you. Plus the fact that Gary Moore is NOT on this recording is another bonus. (I can't stand that cliche guitar player) ...may you rest in peace Gary, but I really diggy Snow White instead. With a moniker like Snowy White, you get bonus points in the "cool" book. For those of you, who don't know who Snowy White is, he's the guitar player for Roger Waters. After leaving Thin Lizzy he went on tour with the Floyd during THE WALL tour...not bad...anyways...check out this under the radar Lynott session.
Like I said...It's not there best...but it does have minimoog on the session...if that's not a great reason to fire up the BBQ, then I don't know what is!


Recorded in London & Bahamas, 1981
Renegade was the eleventh studio album by Irish band Thin Lizzy, released in 1981 Though not his first appearance, this was the first album in which keyboard player Darren Wharton was credited as a permanent member, becoming the fifth member of the line-up. As such, he made a contribution as a song-writer on the opening track "Angel of Death". However, even though he had officially joined the band, his picture was omitted from the album sleeve.


* Phil Lynott - bass guitar, vocals
* Scott Gorham - guitars, backing vocals
* Snowy White - guitars, backing vocals
* Darren Wharton - keyboards, organ, Minimoog, backing vocals
* Brian Downey - drums, percussion

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