Play Off Pensiveness

As kid born and fed in Toronto Canada, hockey was a big thing growing up in the 70's. The Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada every Saturday night was a staple on cold winter nights. Adjusting the speaker wire I would use for an antena, to get the Leaf game on Wednesday nights from and CHCH 11 Hamilton's...well that was another story. Why the hell we had to get a broadcast from a city 80 miles away for our own town team was beyond me as a kid. This was pre cable TV and during the Harold Ballard years of ownership. So that explains it I guess. Philly's Broad Street Bullies. Peter Puck. Dave Keon. Detroit Redwing rivals in the late 70's and 80's.Salming. Eddie Shack. Ron Ellis...oh the good ol dayze!

Well the Leafs have not been in playoffs for 7 years now. It's shameful. Not so much that I think the Leafs can win a cup. But the fact that a whole generation of kids in this city (including my kid) are growing up without the magic and fever that this town experiences when there is a playoff drive...it's just sad. Blame it on big corp. It would be great for kids to experience that, like I did. With all the busllshit in the world these days, it would be nice to rally around the TV with my shorty, and re-live some of that magic. Like I did with Leaf Pyramid Power in the 70's...remember that?? During the 1976 Quarterfinals against the Flyers, Red Kelly utilized his ‘Pyramid Power’ theory as a psychological ploy. Kelly had his players believe that pyramids were a source of energy and strength. The Leaf coach then placed small pyramids under the bench and in the dressing room. All this was to no avail as the hated Flyers won the bitter quarterfinal series in 7 games.

So here it is. Playoff time again. No Leafs again. Only two Canadian teams. One in the West. One in the East. The best thing Leaf fans can hope for is a Habs VS Canucks FINAL!...now that would be cool....to bring the Cup back home to Canada.

For the record...I'm taking the team with the coolest sports logo EVER!!!! (next to the buds). The Vancouver Canucks will win the cup!

But in the future. If I ever see a tattoo on my kid with the Canuck logo
all because that's the team she could only watch growing up...then I'll cry. I'll cry long tears of blame. Blame'in tears for The Teachers Pension Fund that have the biggest shares in the Leafs and those fat cat greedy swine - sitting on the board at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

SHAMEFULL I SAY...worse than the Harold Ballard Years...at least Ballard gave us playoffs and Pyramid Power!

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