London Underground - Honey Drops (2011)

One thing I never get tired of, is a good ol' Hammond riff. Well with this recording you get plenty of sweet honey drops of Hammond. A full on prog instrumental space session.... very cool stuff. Makes me long for a hot summer night. A road trip north up highway 69 with the windows down. Warm wind with nothing but my headlights and the odd critter eyeballs staring at me as I blow by. Back to reality...it's freakin January in Canada...so until the summer solstice - I guess spinning this will do. And by the looks of it, my cool fuzzy Cat (Sir James Marshall Hendrix) is diggin it too. Groovy road trip tunes - wino


London Underground biography A side project of STANDARTE's drummer/vocalist Daniele Caputo, this fairly recent Italian trio took their name from the very style of music that was played in the London underground during the late 60's. Caputo is joined by bassist Marco Piaggesi and keyboard player Gianluca Gerlini. Bassist Stefano Gabbani eventually replaced Piagesi and then guitarist Gianni Vergelli also joined in. Their style is similar to STANDARTE albeit much less heavy, and the guitars are used sparingly, leaving room for Gerlini to shine on the Hammond organ, Mellotron and Moog. Their albums feature excellent vocal harmonies that would have fit right into any BEATLES or TRAFFIC album of old. As influences go, we could cite BIGELF, PINK FLOYD, KING CRIMSON, ATOMIC ROOSTER, CARAVAN, ARGENT, and definitely THE BEATLES. Both of their albums, "London Underground" and "Through a Glass Darkly" (a spoof on an old STONES compilation LP), are a real throwback to the swinging 60's and early 70's; in fact, if it wasn't for the clean production, you'd swear these were recorded in 1970. The first album revisits the late 60's psychedelia whereas the second is fully early 70's progressive. The overall sound is very British (these Italian vocalists possess an impeccable command of the English language, b.t.w.) and both albums are expertly played and well produced. Is it prog? Well, it is definitely experimental yet accessible, delightfully retro and thoroughly enjoyable. Very cool stuff!
Excellent albums for a trip back to the hip days, with tons of Mellotron. Both are highly recommended.
by Lise (HIBOU), CANADA - progarchives.com


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