TONGUE- Who Fired The Workers of Happiness Factory?

Tongue comes from Belgrade Serbia. Place a million miles from my happy home of Toronto Canada.
And this is what's so great about the internet. When I was coming up back in the 70's I would
have had to wait for the British Imports to land in the local store, and hope a band like Tongue was in the release that month.

This band sent me on a nostalgic tail spin to my youth. They sound like the jams I would pull off with my brothers back in the early 90's.
It's chaotic, distressed, angry, and artful all at once. Mudhoney meets Love Battery.  Some of you producers reading this....Uncork this baby and stick your fuckin tongue in! - Wino Chris

Gotta dig the lyrics too:

I am the hope on the highest mountain TOP,
A spark of white light between chamber WALLS,
I am morning sunshine that makes you shine
The black shadow that accepts all your calls

...I am the messenger...but you all walked away,
walked away

You can check out three tracks for free here:

Your visit their website here:

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