SKYFALL (James Bond)

This is a big weekend for me. As kid growing up in the 1970's,  there wasn't a character on the silver screen, any bigger than James Bond 007  for me. Most kids were into Star Wars or Star Trek, but my super hero was not found in a comic book, but in the local theatre every few years.

So is the ritual this weekend, as in previous years, I will attend the opening of SKYFALL, this new James Bond film.

And one of the most anticipated moments for James Bond supre fans is- who will sing the theme Song?  This time it's Adele. To be honest, Ive never herd her music before. But I had the opportunity to listen to the whole Soundtrack, and I must say,  her voice is perfect for a Bond film. In a cool way, she  darkly drifts to esoteric. Im dig'in the horn arrangements on SKYFALL too! The cut has that classic Bond elegance to it, but with that feeling of falling backwards and wondering if your lover will catch you before you hit the ground. She does. One of the best James Bond songs since " Live and Let Die"

50 years of Bond...this weekend is going to be very cool!


SKYFALL VIDEO (with Lyrics)

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