HELLO...I'm back!

As I spin around the sun this year....I wont waste anymore time with mediocrity. Im kickin that dirty habit called Facebook,  and coming back to where it all began for me. Electric Mud. I'll try to spew more random acts of fuzzy warm images.  But with the lock down of music sharing in blog world, Mud will lean toward the classic blogzine vibe....(with "some" music sharing).

My  2015 resolution is more more engine revolutions and posts....I finally recieved my motorcycle license reently,  so I think in 2015, I will blog this experience.  (I'm looking to close a deal on Harley Davisdon as I type).  Motorcycles, Guitars and life!

I hope you will keep reading... follow me on this journey.  The dream of true freedom on the road. Time on earth is limited, what we do with that time is limitless.
- Cheers

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