Why Now

It’s been over 30 years since I’ve stretched out two tires on Toronto roads.
So why the sudden interest in Motorcycles? The possibility of dying before ever riding again?

Well I’ve never really stopped being interested in the culture. Even after I hung up the gloves and lid, I found myself still reeling in those days. The days of hanging corners on my 450CC Nighthawk on the winding roads of Tory Hill , Haliburton Highlands Ontario.  I also found myself watching bike films and TV Shows like SOA.  I guess you figure out one day, that you are a full blown, strung out and absorbed bike junkie . I had  a closet full of  bike t-shirts, leather bike jackets - but no bike stories to show for it.  Turning my head to any sound of a clutch drop at a red light was regular. Renting scooters in Cuba was a common occurrence trying to fill that past memory of  motorsoul.  So what to do?

Life gets complicated. School , Bills, Girlfriend, Wife, Bands, Children, Career…. …next thing you know, your 30 years into a contract with life …and still that sound is ringing in your ears. Life is speeding by in the fast lane in a Caravan.  The wind rushing through your helmet with the moto vibes in the palms of your hands is screaming at you.  You keep saying, “One day I’ll get me an HD!” …

Here comes the real. The sparks. The now. Saying loud and clear,” get on the fuckin train before the end of the line man!”... And no this is not a midlife crisis… So I didn’t want to get to the end my life knowing I had never attempted to get back on a bike and enjoy the lifestyle if only for a few years.  Okay so maybe that was a mid life crisis……but why is that a so called “crisis.”?  The crisis would be for me to ignore that “awareness”.  So I made a deal with my inner monologue last summer. Get legal and get a bike…..and get a Harley Davidson mofo! No more window views on the world.
No more just a *passenger*

I just thought of a new quote.


 Road to Havana Cuba

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