Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation (1969)


Electronic Meditation is the debut album by the German electronic music group Tangerine Dream.

The album was recorded in an abandoned factory in Berlin in October 1969, using just a two-track Revox tape recorder. Its style is a unique form of free jazz, electronic art music, instrumental rock, and its instrumentation ranges from conventional instruments like the guitar, organ, and cello to various self made electronic devices implemented by Edgar Froese and found sounds like broken glass, burning parchment, and dried peas being shaken in a sieve. The backwards vocals at the end of side two are actually Edgar Froese reading from the back of a ferry ticket from Dover to Calais. The original LP had a balloon inserted in the cover– the 2004 Japan CD release is a copy of the original LP cover and includes the balloon.

1. "Genesis" – 5:57
2. "Journey Through a Burning Brain" – 12:26
3. "Cold Smoke" – 10:38
4. "Ashes to Ashes" – 4:06
5. "Resurrection" – 3:27



Anonymous said...

hello from france, great to find here some tangerine dream albums. I was searching for Stratospher and Romance76 from Peter Baumann but i'm eager to hear those two first LPs of TD since i've read about them in the Julian Cope book about Krautrock…
By the way i can only listen to one of the LPs since the file for Electronic Meditation is the same as for Alpha Centuri !!
Anyway thanks for a great blog !!

roby said...

I downloaded Electronic Meditation but there is again Alpha Centauri there...would you please check it up and upload the correct album??