Vigilante! Roy Budd 1971-1977 [SOUNDTRACK]

Vigilante! Roy Budd Cult Film Soundtracks 1971-1977 [SOUNDTRACK]
This is my final post of OST. Killer tracks here.

The best of Roy Budd. Funky. Cool. Spacy. This is one of my favorite digs in a long while. Roy Budd (14 March 1947 – 7 August 1993) was a British jazz musician and film composer.

At eight years old he already had a vast musical repertoire. He was featured on the Caroll Levis show on radio when he was only ten. He even sang some Jerry Lee Lewis songs when he was eleven years old with his brother Peter and brother's friend Geoffrey at the Sutton Granada under the name "The Blue Devils." (verified by Roy's brother). He formed the "Roy Budd Trio" with bassist Pete Morgan and drummer Chris Karan during his teens, before leaving school and embarking on a career as a jazz pianist.

His first film score was for the American western Soldier Blue in 1970, but most of his film work was on British productions. His best known score is probably for the 1971 Michael Caine film Get Carter, which marked the first notable use of his hallmark method of using the film's sound effects (in this case, Caine's train journey from London to Newcastle) to complement the music. He later worked on a number of films for the producer Euan Lloyd, including Paper Tiger, The Wild Geese, The Sea Wolves and Who Dares Wins. His last work was a new symphonic score for the 1925 silent film The Phantom of the Opera. The score was over 80 minutes long.

In 1972, as his career was peaking, he married actress/singer and divorceé Caterina Valente; they divorced just seven years later. He died at age 47 in 1993, due to a brain haemorrhage.

Vigilante 1971-1977 OST

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