Black Sabbath - Mob Rules (1981)

So here it is. A guilty pleasure. Two Sabbath records with DIO. I prefer the Ozzy Sabbath marerial BUT. The Heaven and Hell Tour is about to devour Canada starting March 13, and I think I just may go see the show. So I thought I would hit MUD with two great (post OZZY) recordings. I havn't spun these for probally 20 years now. But after giving these a refined listen again, I relized how good this band really was back then. The recordings sound great, and stand the test of time. The tattoo of a good record I might ad. Play loud and breakout your crome wall posters and blacklight. \m/


Mob Rules is Black Sabbath's tenth studio album, released in 1981 following the success of Heaven and Hell. A different recording of the title track appeared in the animated motion picture Heavy Metal and is featured on the ST album.
The lyrical themes are dark, notably on tracks such as Sign of the Southern Cross and Falling off the Edge of the World. It was the first album to feature Vinny Appice on drums, who had replaced original member Bill Ward on the tour in support of the previous year's Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath album). This led to Ozzy Osbourne bitterly dubbing the line-up "Geezer and the three Wops".
It is rumoured that the cover art for this album, by famed artist Greg Hildebrandt, contains a heavily-disguised message that reads "KILL OZZY,". It is apparently located toward the bottom of the picture, on the ground, written in a dark, crimson colour. However, the message is barely legible, and it is widely believed that the purported text is coincidental. link The artwork was not created specifically for the album, for one thing, having been done in the 1970s, but was licensed for use.
The Live Evil album was recorded on the Mob Rules tour.
The remastered album has been issued twice, by Castle in 1996, and Sanctuary in 2004. The Sanctuary release is a straight copy of the Castle, save for the label details, since Castle is actually a subsidiary of Sanctuary. So far, this remaster has not been available outside the EU.

Mob Rlues

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GREAT album! One of Sab's best. In an interview, Tony Iommi said that this album suffered from a lot of production problems, leaving most of the best material unused. If they had anything better than "Sign of The Southern Cross" or "Voodoo", I'd like to hear it!