Humble Pie - Go For The Throat (81)

"Go For The Throat" was the last studio recording of Humble Pie, while Steve was alive. Once you get past the cheesy 80's album cover, you'll find all the standard elements of a classic Pie album. Harp, Organ, back-up vox, driving boogie riffs. Arguably the best damn English rock singer in the 1970's, he lays out his voice like a litter box of velvet on this recording. Just when I though I knew everything about Pie, I find out that Bob Tench is on guitar for this session. Tench was another great singer who sang on a few early Jeff Beck Group albums. "Rough and Ready" (1971) and "The Jeff Beck Group" (1972).

The title track song has that expected early 80's sound. A victim of the new technology of time in the recording industry. But the next track "Lottie And The Charcoal Queen" makes up for it, with a masterful lesson in how to play a rock soul groove song. The album ends with "Chip Away". Aerosmith recorded this cut around the same time too.