Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom (1971)

Leaf Hound. An English 1970s hard rock band that reunited in 2004 due to public demand, and in October 2005 re-released their most famous album, Growers of Mushroom, an album voted the number one most collectable rock album in Q magazine. Leafhound as of late 2005 have been working on a new album yet to be named and it is set for release late 2006 - early 2007.

Peter French, vocal
Luke Rayner, guitar
Ed Pearson, bass
Jimmy Rowland, drums

1. Freelance Fiend
2. Sad Road to the Sea
3. Drowned My Life in Fear
4. Work My Body
5. Stray
6. With a Minute to Go
7. Growers of Mushroom
8. Stagnant Pool
9. Sawdust Caesar
10. It's Gonna Get Better [*]
11. Hipshaker [*]


Passwors: mud


Gordon said...

This is a great album. Go download it people.

Anonymous said...

I discovered this album about a month ago elsewhere without any comment on the album's popularity. I've hardly been listening to anything else.