Super 400 - Blast The Message

I'm really dig'in this soulful, groovy, thick ass bass, rock band called Super 400. They call Upstate New York home but It seems they take a page out of that Texas rockin soul blues. I hear Doyle Bramhall Jr and Arc Angels big time here. But take from it what you will. Great rock trio!...but don't take my word, read on.

...Psssssst "Lori Friday is a hot ass!" - pass it on!


Super 400 are a heady three-piece in the colloquial sense – big bong-hittin' goodness pulled from their instruments with dirty nails. Touchstones include Free and Thin Lizzy, bands that worked soul into their rock and mused aloud about the universe. You might also pick up strains of Led Zeppelin, the Isley Brothers, and Sly Stone (who gets a serious nod on their version of "Que Sera Sera"). Singer-guitarist Kenny Hohman's vocals are beautifully controlled like Paul Rodgers or Badfinger's Pete Ham. Lori Friday's popping, aggressive bass and Joe Daley's "When-The-Levee-Breaks" heavy drumming keep things thumpin' even on contemplative numbers like "All Is Right."...


30-seconds in and you’ll know you’re onto something cool. If you like your rock infused with rhythm & blues like Free and the Faces once did it then this is the band for you. This is chunky, open-throated power trio heaven with a major soul jones...

It’s a full yet uncluttered sound expressed most perfectly on the album’s bookends “Blast the Message” and “Our Season Has Come”. I could go on but your ears will tell you the true tale. Raise a fist for Super 400 and see if they don’t rock you like a proper fuckin’ hurricane.
-Dennis Cook

The groovy power pop trio from Albany NY pick up where the likes of Hendrix and Morrison left off. Super 400 mix thick bass grooves, mantra-like rhythms, and waves of distorted guitar work shaded in blues to create a sound that revives the best of a bygone era with a decidedly contemporary attitude. In 'Breathe', frontman Kenny Hohman's guitar work undulates between tranquility and vitality while he sings, 'don't want the world to be wicked, just want them to feel like we do/ like everything was groovin' and we were all old friends/ breathe out, breathe in 'cause what you do comes back again.' What the innovators of psychedelia did in the '60s has come back again as a vivid, modernized flashback.

-Experience Hendrix

Super Duper


Gordon said...

Pretty cool. Did get the impression that the album was getting steadily worse as it progressed. Worth a few listens though.

Graddy said...

You always turn me on to these new (zep,stone, crows, pie , ) type bands . And I thank you