Led Zeppelin - O'Keefe Centre Toronto (1969-11-02)

In 1954, philanthropist, horsebreeder, and developer E.P. Taylor, the head of the O'Keefe Brewing Company and Argus Corporation, offered to build a much-needed performing arts centre for the city of Toronto. "the house that beer built." This 3,000 plus seat arts centre, would be home to up and comming bands of the late 60's and 70's. Just before the golden age of arena rock. The only acts I saw was Sammy Davis Jr and Roger Waters. In 1996 it was renamed The Hummingbird Centre.

So here's a post for the late great philanthropist - E.P. Taylor. THANKS DUDE!

Led Zeppelin - O'Keefe Centre Toronto (1969-11-02)


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