ELECTRIC MUD - The Green Album VOL1

The green album. A slow trip for a new spring

Frozen snot, slosh wet socks, white cold face. Done. For now. As we start to spin closer to the sun. The colour is green. Like a warm wind at the backs of leather jackets, we shed the skin. These songs are a lay down for spring. Lying in a tall grass of a new desire. Sowing seeds we come to find. Listen to these, in the garden of your sunflower. - wino

1 Joe Walsh - Midnight Moodies.MP3
2 Capt. Beefheart - Where There's Woman.mp3
3 Paul Kossoff - Raping River.mp3
4 The Band - acadian driftwood.mp3
5 The Soulful Strings - I Wish It Would Rain.mp3
6 John Klemmer - Third Stone Frome The Sun.mp3
7 GUN - Hobo.mp3
8 Doyle Bramhall - Close To Heaven.mp3
9 Capt. Beefheart -Blabber n Smoke.mp3
10 RORY GALLAGHER - Tucson, Arizona.mp3
11 Doyle Bramhall - Chasin' The Sun.mp3
12 STEEPWATER- Autumn.mp3
13 wolfmother-minds_eye.mp3
14 Joe Walsh - (Day Dream) Prayer.MP3
15 Ramsey Lewis - If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right.mp3
16 Joachim_Hip - Travelling Love .mp3


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