Keith Cross & Peter Ross - Bored Civilians (1972)

This is one of those recordings made for one listener at a time. A solo act of listening per say. Okay maybe two if it's you and your girlfriend having a zen momment. What a fantastic explosion of trill for a hot summer outdoor sun melt. Play this like around 1pm on Saturday afternoon, as your sip'in on a Long Island Icetea while sitting in one of those plastic avocado green 70's recliner chairs, insolating the solarium of the sun in ones's mind. The crest of waves. A summers lounge conservatory!

If that's not enough, It's also has that long highway, roll down the window, sunset hits your woman's eyeball thing. Mirror sunglasses. You know...like she wears jean shorts with sticky sex sweat, and beach sand in orange painted toes on dashboard. Soundtrack for a hot wind blown road vibe. Smells like coconut lotion and muscle car upholstery.

This anin't heavy, it's just an apperception :::::: Damn cool album. Enjoy!
(Thanks to 8 Day)

Check out the line-up:

Keith Cross (Bulldog Breed, T2)
Peter Ross (Richard Thompson, Hookfoot)
Peter Arnesen (If, Ian Hunter, Rubettes, Daddy Longlegs, Hollies)
B.J. Cole ?? (credited as Brian Cole)
Jimmy Hastings (Caravan, Soft Machine, Hatfield & The North, National Health)
Nick Lowe (Brinsley Shwarz, Elvis Costello, Dave Edmunds, solo)
Dee Murray (Elton John Band)
Chris Stewart (Spooky Tooth, Frankie Miller, Joe Cocker)



rob said...

VERY nice. the album i have been looking for. takes the best elements of plainsong, mcdonald & giles, and denny doherty, blends them, sips them, sweats them. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! How exciting to find something THIS good that I never knew about!

Anonymous said...

Delicious. Now that's a gem. Pass the bourbon.

PHILIP said...

Which is the right link for this?

The Wino said...

click "bored" at bottom...it take you to sharebee.





either one will work...I use rapidshare


PHILIP said...

Mozilla is the problem with this link!

The Wino said...


taro nombei said...

Beautiful music, there's plenty of the Brinsley Schwartz sound there, nothing wrong with that.
Takes me right back to those long afternoons/evening at festivals or at the Roundhouse back in the day. cheers mate.

zappahead said...

Interesting people on board with these guys...looking forward to giving it a listen...thanks for sharing...cheers.