As I chilled out this weekend on red wine, I gazed arcoss the livingroom at my 4x12 Marshall Cab just sitting there in the corner. I got up off the sofa, and decided to see what the hell was being used for speakers. After all these years, I had no clue what was inside my Marshall. Turns out - I have four healthy 12 inch babies singing the rock n roll truth. The good ol' G12T-75. MADE IN ENGLAND. I know what your asking. "Hey Wino, help a brother/sister out. I need more info on rock n roll speakers too"
Well my fine readers of MUD. Check out this great site. An idiot's guide to the world of fine wine rock n roll speakers. Very helpful reading, for a speaker idiot like me.

I found this YOU TUBE also this weekend. Great song from Greg Allman on acoustic. No G12T-75's used here. :}


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Anonymous said...

all the classic 60s recordings where they used the marshalls (ie bluesbreakers w clapton etc, hendrix..) used G12-30's..which sound goood but blow up easy :)