Triumph - Rock and Roll Machine (1977)

Triumph, being a power trio, were often compared to Rush, but at the start, their own brand of heavy rock remained structured and traditional, eschewing concept albums and instrumental improvisation. The band is considered heavy metal by most standards, though the band themselves were reluctant to embrace this label. Gil Moore once described Triumph as a cross between Emerson, Lake & Palmer and The Who.[1] However, Rik Emmett's eclectic songwriting styles soon revealed his personal tastes ran closer to the heart of progressive rock. Each Triumph album included a classical guitar suite, often a highlight amid the band's otherwise predictable collection of anthems and ballads. Drummer Gil Moore's greatest distinction lay in his ability to sing the band's heavier numbers, such as "When the Lights Go Down," and "Allied Forces," but he never developed much in terms of lyrical sophistication. Bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine served capably as the group's backbone in concert, also producing their early albums.


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