Tokyo Sex Destruction - Le Red Soul Comunnitte

Tokyo Sex Destruction
Talk about Kickin out the Jams, Spain's most recent calling to MC5 is the radically refined garage rock'n roll explosion Tokyo Sex Destruction. 10 Rock'n roll hits that are filled with all the yeah yeahs and all the syncopated claps and guitar breaks and vocal leads and dance steps and catchy choruses. This album is explosive! Strong Nation of Ulysses/Make Up hybrid politic and style uniformity throughout their lyrics and image. On one hand it generates sounds more like Sly and The Family Stone but with the same political element as bands like International Noise Conspiracy. All power to the people motherfuckers!


pass: mud

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McBoozo the Clown said...

Glad to see that you have returned...I look forward to your many musical introductions! Keep up the great work!