Acid Jam 2 (2003)

Nick Saloman

Acid Jam II is a sequel to Bevis Frond’s 1988 jam release Acid Jam. This time around The Bevis Frond’s Nick Saloman and Adrian Shaw appear in various permutations with Frond Alumni Ric Gunther, Bari Watts and Andy Ward. Also joining in the free-for-all are The Lucky Bishops, The Alchemysts, Steve Broughton, Rustic Rod Goodway, Grenville Hammond, High Tide's Tony Hill, Simon House (Hawkwind/High Tide), Pete Pavli (Hawkwind/High Tide) & Debbie Saloman (Nick's daughter)!

1. Reformation Blues - Saloman
2. Funeral Ballet Music - Saloman/Shaw/Gunther
3. Long Velvet Sigh - Saloman
4. High - Hill/Shaw/Ward
5. Ice Plug - Shaw/Goodway/Saloman/House/Broughton
6. Change In The Weather - Saloman
7. Negative Blooty - Murphy
1. Deep Space Divers - Saloman/Shaw
2. Tanz Mekkanik - Shaw
3. Tide - Hill
4. Deef - Simmons/Shaw/Gunther/Watts
5. Just A Point - Saloman
6. Desent Sands - Goodway/Shaw
7. Star Map - Saloman/Watts

195 mg

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pass: mud

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Anonymous said...

This cd is great! Do you have more music that sounds like this? Heavy distorted guitars and long guitarsolos