Steve Marriott- Marriott (1975)

"Marroitt is on my top 5 list for - Best Damn 70's Rock Voices Ever!" - wino

If you don't believe me, see for yourself here on YouTuBe singing
Black Coffee

In between the demise of Humble Pie and the reformation of The Small Faces, Steve Marriott found time to record his first solo record 'Marriott 1976'. This classic album has been hidden away in the A&M vaults for many years having been deleted in 1980 and as such has never been available on CD. It has been much sought after by fans of The Small Faces and Humble Pie as well as those interested in Marriott's other solo material. The album has been digitally remastered and includes 10 electrifying tracks of soul and rock n' roll all delivered perfectly by the godfather of Britpop!

1. East Side Struttin'
2. Lookin' for a Love
3. Help Me Through the Day
4. Midnight Rollin'
5. Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am
6. Star in My Life
7. Are You Lonely for Me Baby
8. You Don't Know Me
9. Late Night Lady
10. Early Evening Light

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! I´m a big fan of Stevie, this is a real hidden treasure for me


Anonymous said...

Frankly, sounds like more post- frampton pie to me..but i can sure live with that :)
The force of his musical personality was such that everything he did in the seventies, be it the Pie, or either the reincarnation of the pie or the small faces, sounded, really, like a marriot album.
I suppose that could be why the first two pie LP's are such a treat, in a way..as he took as much of a back seat as possible, for him..and let everyone shine thru equally...
I haven't heard this LP for over 20 years.whatta treat..Thanx!
P.S. track 6 (star in my life) has a miscue right at the start..sounds like someone bumped the turntable or so?
I'll just go edit in a fade-in for that one now...

thanx agin! Doccus

Freg said...

Woo, this is great stuff!

Cheers, thanks very much

Richard in Stratford Ontario

Bobby said...

thanks for sharing