35007 - Sea Of Tranquility (2001)

I now have a few of 35007's recordings. Cool space rock band out of Netherlands. This album received hi rotation on the IPOD this weekend.


This is the third release by 35007 and the first without the vocalist and shows the band really heading out into heavy space rock territory. The songs on this release are all instrumental and really excellent. Von Braun opens with a some samples and then electronic sounds and the heavy riff comes in and is quite hypnotic like these guys have heard a little Circle in the past year or so. Great stuff. Artificial Intelligence is next and has another hypnotic groove with some really cool slide guitar being laid down in the background and the keys floating over the mix. Cool. Sea of Tranquility closes this EP and starts with some samples from one of the Apollo missions and some 90's Hawkwind like synth textures. Soon the bass lines rolls into the mix and the band start to take off into space. Killer stuff. Wow. I really wish that this was a full length CD as I just wanted more.
- Scott Heller

Sea Of Tranquility

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