Toronto VS Detroit

What a great weekend of warm weather 24c. Took in a few baseball games this weekend. Saturday party time with the cousins behind homeplate in the VIP....and then Sunday it was with shorty up in the bleachers. Laid back suntan vibes sippin on cold beer talking with some fans who drove in from Detroit. Shorty actually wanted to stay the 9 innings. Not bad for a 6 year old. Toronto won both games. Best sports ticket in town. I'll be back.


McBoozo the Clown said...

Hey, for the record the Tigers also won two games giving them a series split! (Sorry, I live about an hour and half north of Detroit and am a lifelong Tigers fan)

Keep up the great work wino...looking forward to your next mudcast!

The Wino said...

HA!...Right you are sir!....I miss the Sparky years...they were great Tiger/Jays games back in the day.