Charles Bukowski - 90 Minutes in Hell (1966)

Thanks to GP2 for this find.

Recorded in 1966 and issued on Steve Richmond's Earth Records in 1977.
There were supposedly 500 copies, but most people think that's an overestimate.

Bukowski reads segments from his books and has a few other rants as well. Its easy to suspect when listening to these recordings that the man was quite drunk when he made them. A real collectors item.


Buffalo Hill
A little atomic bomb
The Hairy Hairy Test
An action afternoon
No Charge
Love is a piece of paper torn to bits
Song for Sadists Without a Place to Sit Down
Genius of the Crowd
Their Finest Art
May Make Paris Yet
Men and the Sun
The Japanese Wife/Bukowski Still at It
True Story
The Report


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Anonymous said...

i think i might already have a tape of this somewhere...but it is so cool i will download it again..you are a cool mofo for putting it out there...this guy remains the coolest dude to be ever associated with ..."literature"...sure he was nasty...but he had some natural wisdom...and a GREAT sense of humour...something 99% of writers fergit...or just don't have...thanks again....yours popeye the squirm