Howard Stern Show (2/12/2007 )

A great interview with the Former Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer Artimus Pyle. He talks in detail about the plane crash that killed members of the band.

The Howard Stern Radio Show
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* The Howard Stern, Howard K. Stern Confusion.
* Grammy Award And More Anna Nicole Smith Discussions.
* Howard Changing His Name To ''The Howard.''
* Former Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer Artimus Pyle Visits.
* Various Discussions And A New Jack And Rod Show.
* Grammy Award Discussions.
* Jeff The Drunk Jobless Again.
* Comedian Craig Gass Visits.
* Donald Trump Calls In.
* Name Dropping With Craig Gass.
* Howard 100 News And Wrap-Up Show Previews.
* And Finally...



Anonymous said...

Does he talk about his conviction as a child molester?

Anonymous said...

yes he does...how the mother framed him and his lawyer told hin to plead because if found gulity, he was facing a long prison term. He says he's not guilty

Anonymous said...

According to them there are no guilty people in prison.
They should have neutered this creepy old fucker after they arrested him.