Monster Magnet - Spine Of God

Spine of God is the debut album by American rock band Monster Magnet, released in 1992. It is the band's first official full-length album. The album features elements of punk, metal, psychedelic rock, and space rock. It has the caption "It's a Satanic Drug Thing, You Wouldn't Understand." The album features a cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "Sin's a Good Man's Brother."

# Dave Wyndorf – Guitar, Vocals, Producer
# Joe Calandra – Bass
# John McBain – Guitar, Producer
# Jon Kleiman - Drums
# Tim Cronin –(Credited, in typical Monster Magnet style, as "Dope/Lights/Center Of The Universe")
# Samantha Muccini – Photography


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Anonymous said...

if its satanic then i guess its for me.....