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This is my favorite Monster recording (maybe next to Dopes). A mind blowing trip out, recorded during a time when Achy Breaky Heart was the thing. Turn down your lights, fire up a candle and pour your favorite libation. A flight plan for the mind. For some reason, my cat IZZY tends to really get this. - wino

TAB (a.k.a. Tab 25 or 25 Tab) is the title of Monster Magnet's second EP, released in 1992. Though long enough to qualify as a full-length album, it is referred to as an EP. It is generally viewed by critics as the band's most psychedelic release, with the first two tracks alone tracks totaling 45 minutes. The cover bears the text "MONSTERMAGNET 25............tab"; however, the band's website refers to it as "TAB"

An American hard rock band. Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey, the group was founded by Dave Wyndorf (vocals and guitar), John McBain (guitar), Tom Diello (drums), and Tim Cronin (vocals and bass). The band first went under the name "Dog of Mystery" and later "Airport 75" before finally settling on "Monster Magnet," taken from the name of a 1960s toy made by Wham-O, which Wyndorf liked when he was a child

25 TAB

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