GRAVELROAD - Shot The Devil (2008)

I Shot The Devilî, recalls classic ZZ Top, with guitar riff and vocals coming on like the band in their 70sí blues days; ìCall My Nameî features that hypnotic guitar groove from the Mississippi giants like Burnside and Kimbrough. Not for the faint-hearted, the band deliver tales of sex, murder, death, love and more - often coming over as a collision between ZZ Top and John Lee Hooker, with the Mississippi hill country greats such as RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough thrown in - certainly no bad place to be! The band, originally coming out of Seattle



Melissa said...

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Would love love love to hear this but the download seems to have been maxed out at only 10 downloads. Will you be uploading??

Thanks for your efforts!!! :)

Yazalde 70 said...

Same here, I got really curious after
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