The Black Crowes @ Rama Ontario (Review)

The Black Crowes on Saturday (Sept 12 09) was electrifying. Pseudo hippie vibe, with a throw back loyalty to Americana rock slurred in southern blues rock in the impressions of blue grass, Little Feet and The Band. At times, Sven Pipen looked like George Harrison circa LET IT BE sessions. It's a big departure from the greasy Rolling Stone/R&B vibe TBC are known for. Electric mandolin, Slide Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Dual Guitars, silky Bass lines, killer drums and 5 part harmonies with backup vocals. Full on instruments. It's hard to point to a rock band today, that is still around after 20 years. Still producing music like it was made, back when rock music was still very young.

The Black Crowes reverence for the music that came before them is something to admire. The audience felt that connection of pure strings and voice too. Classic American rock from an American band. I can't think of many other bands that can do it better. It's a laid back show, so leave your black leathers at home. This is more about about 420, red wine and long tales of uncomplicated descriptions. Lucid life's lessons descried effortlessly with voice and strings . Like an old duct taped boot keeping vibration on a kitchen floor. Sublime! - wino

*10 beers out of 12 *

Photos by Wino of Mud

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