The Cult @ Massey Hall, Toronto (REVIEW)

The Cult @ Massey Hall, Toronto

The Cult rolled into town in the middle of the Toronto Film Festival last night. The city is filled with movie stars and glitter. Not my scene. So I figured I would catch another live rock show. I was a little apprehensive about watching this hugely successful 80's radio band. I thought it may be lame. Well - last night was the night to bust out the leather jacket and boots.

They played Massey Hall to an almost sold out crowd. The Cult opened the show saying " We are a working band" They sure as hell are! Astbury was dressed like a roady in his own band. It was Hi Octane rock n roll filled with piss and vinegar, playing classic hits and greasy new cuts for good measure. Ian Astbury's voice can still line out song, just like it did 20 years ago. Full of attitude and energy, this band brings the real thing. No poser hypocritical re-uinion act here. This is loud, skillful - in your face full on accessible ROCK. A 40 foot multi-media screen behind them splashed moving pictures of Eagles, Angels, Devils, Flowers, Indians, Rivers, and slick city life for a very cool montage of artistic imagery. At one point he pulled out an 8 year old boy from the crowd, held him on his shoulders while singing the whole song called "SUN KING"....the kid was rocked. His soul imprinted with an experience of singing on stage with the CULT for the rest of his rock n roll life. A very cool moment in the show.

Later Ian would comment, "The kid was rockin out there. I had to bring him up. That was real spontaneous energy. It was NOT a photo opp like what Bono would pull for the media"

...(a fuck you to U2, who plays Toronto this week during TIFF)

Also - Billy Duffy is an incredible guitar player. He really doesn't get the guitar accolades he deserves. His riffs are well written and his playing is still spot on after all the years as a road dog in a very successful rock band. A true survivor in 'this thing of ours" called Rock n Roll. If they roll into your town, check it out. You won't be disappointed.


Lucy said...

Thanks for posting this. I was sorry I missed the concert, but this gave me a chance to "live the experience" for a few brief moments.
I saw them last year at the Sound Academy in VIP so I wasn't to regretful this time.

Thanks again.


Rizz said...

I was at the show last night. I've seen them 6 times since the early 90's and each time its a different experience. In short I was very glad I was there. It was definitely a "Rock Show" as Ian Astbury mentioned and everyone definitely enjoyed it as there was no one sitting. Glad that these guys are still willing to do the tours and play for their fans.

Great show!

theconcertaholic said...

thanks for the review. Nice to read from other fans who were at the show.

My review with videos, photos etc. is up also at http://concertaholics.com



Justin said...

Not to be a dick, but the song was Sun King.

wino said...

opps...thanks Justin

JJ said...

I thought they rocked it out for sure, but did you find Ian's voice a little shoddy for the first few songs? It sounded like he was doing more of a Mick Jagger shouting thing, than actually singing. He warmed up after a while though.

I found they sounded amazing at the Ampitheatre show two summers ago/

Rizz said...

I agree, he did sound a little shaky at first. Saw the show at the Amphitheatre as well. Great Show! Got the CD of the live show afterwards. Too bad they didn't do something similar for this show.