Chico Magnetic Band (1971)

Chico Magnetic Band - Chico Magnetic Band CD. Reissue of rare as hell 1973 French psychedelic heavy rock album that rides a strong Hendrix acid trip. This is a great album loaded with violent ripping fuzz lashes

1. Explosion
2. Pop Pull Hair
3. Lot of Things
4. We All Come and Go
5. To Where I Belong
6. My Sorrow
7. Cross Town Traffic
8. Pop Orbite
9. Girl of Ocean*
10. Phantasm*
11. Pop Or Not*
12. Inverse*




E-mile said...

great stuff!!! totally "fresh" to me...thanks a zillion.
peace, E-mile
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wino said...

cool blog e-mile...cheers

Rachel Briggs said...

found your blog because I googled these guys. amazing obscure for as amazing as their sound! i found their songs on itunes thankfully! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/acid-rock/id425617097