Betty Blowtorch (And Her Amazing True Life Adventures) (2003)

I watched this documentary last night on the all girl band called Betty Blowtorch.
Betty Blowtorch (And Her Amazing True Life Adventures). What a story. It's the true story of life in a rock n roll band in America. But while I watched this, I couldnt help but feel the talent Bianca Halstead shined even on the screen. Although I never seen this band live ( I don't think I did but I did see Nashville Pussy- maybe they opened on that show) by the end of the film, I felt like I've known her all my life. Maybe it's the all too familiar rock roll life style she let us see. Or maybe it was the fact she was born in the 60's like me...or maybe it was just her sweet bitter charm that she gave us, that made her the true star light talent she was. Whatever it was. It will be missed. Bianca Halstead and Blow Torch reminded us that..."rock n roll is a vicious game"...for every rock n roll shooting star, It can leave behind a mountain of expired debris in it's wake. You can't have it any other way...if you want the freedom to rock...the way it is meant to rock! It has to be in your face, unrestricted, absolute, HARD and convincing...and that she was! A true rocker! With no fine print - wino


Description: Documentary filmmaker, Anthony Scarpa, spent two years chronicling the exploits of all girl rock band Betty Blowtorch. Originally out to capture Betty Blowtorch's ferocious sound and dangerously low-tech pyrotechnic stage show, Scarpa ended up with a true rock and roll tragedy. Bianca Butthole, Blare N. Bitch and Sharon Needles met while backing up singer Thom Bone in the PMRC targeted punk band Butt Trumpet. When Tipper Gore and her cronies sank their teeth into the one Butt Trumpet song sang by Guitarist Needles, it gave the band more exposure than misfortune but also caused band turmoil. Wrestling the power from the men in the band the girls soon morphed Butt Trumpet into Betty Blowtorch an all Girl powerhouse that's only comparison could be the Runaways. Betty quickly rose through the Los Angeles music scene and landed their first record deal a mere month after forming. Their controversial first record "Get Off" whose title song is a loud and angry fuck you to lead singer Bianca Butthole's former stepfather for his molestation, gained them a rabid following around the country. However, it provided little airplay, as mainstream outlets were afraid of this type of sentiment coming from a woman. Soon the record company withdrew their support and left Betty with a huge amount of debt and no deal. Landing a new deal the Blowtorch quartet once again took to the road, though personal and national tragedy did it's best to derail them, Betty Blowtorch stayed out there until Bianca was tragically killed in a high speed auto accident in New Orleans. "Betty Blowtorch: and Her Amazing True Life Adventures" captures the story without ever letting you forget just how much the band rocked.

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The Petulant Child said...

Based on this post I rented the video from Netflix. It's quite good. I wish there was more detail regarding why the drummer and guitarist rode out of town. Indeed, there are tensions within every band, but rarely do bandmembers sneak off during the night with the van & equipment. There was more to this tension business than the director revealed. Beyond that, it was well done, and the music is great.

Thanks for leading myself and others to it.

Ruyter said...

a few factual clarifications; Betty Blowtorch had a 30 min set Opening for Nashville Pussy during the rhythm section's revolt (with the Van and gear). Nashville Pussy got BB's gear back and found them a better drummer. The tour continued until the tragedy of Bianca's untimely death.