The Spaceship

A life's quest for the tone has come to an end. I finally found the spaceship to the musical universe. A 1969 4x12 pre rola greenback cab. A 25th anniversary issue of the 69 Plexi. And a 1976 custom black LP. It don't get much better than this for me. Road worn, torn and frayed-start the machine, and set the controls for the dark side of the moon. I had this dark baby sitting at the end of my bed at one point. It started to scare the shit out of me at 3AM in the morn. I moved it out the living room.

It's now enjoyed as a perch by our fuzzy funky cat- "James Marshall Hendrix"


pahprint said...

I know it's several months after the fact and you may not pick up this comment. If you do, though, I am curious where you live, generally, and whether you ever get to play through the beast in or around your home.

We ARE talking about an unholy racket here, albeit one with some of the finest tone this side of a Strat or Tele through the same mess.

I am a geek too and a cabinet like that with functional speakers would weaken my knees.


wino said...

Sorry for the delay pahprint...im in Toronto Canada...I have found tone heaven with this rig...may you find your lost tone too!