Lions In The Street - (ST) 2010

I've been watching this band for a few years now. Finally a drop. Come to Toronto boyz....we'll throw you a party!

Vancouver's Lions In The Street have finally released their debut full-length album independently, after a four-year fight with the now-bankrupt TVT Records. These songs (mostly recorded live to tape at Mushroom Studios with Shawn Cole) take pre-punk rock and roll as their starting point, but are inspired ultimately by the spirit of gospel music: this is the kind of weary-though-hopeful, beaten-but-not-broken record that only a band who had been through the ringer could make.



Smoke286 said...

Hey Brother, great to see you back LITS have been one of my favs since I first learned of them several years back on this site. I have their latest and its great. I'll check out these other bands on your recommendation also.

P.S. not sure if its your sort of bag, but My favourite album so far this year is a Texas band called Javi Garcia and the Cold Cold Ground.

Thanks again for introducing me to all the great music

wino said...

I'll check out Javi Garcia and the Cold Cold Ground. There is a lot of great music out there these days. Sometimes the hard part is finding time for the ears.
BTW links to music is welcomed in "post comments"

Thanks for the kind words Smoke286.


iban said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Please follow my friend's prog/psych blog.Thanks


Dr.Alphonzo said...

Top shit - thanks dude - reminds me of early rockin' Crowes!!