Rival Sons - Before the Fire

I've seen a number of shows this summer. But I think I'll go out on a limb here and say "Rival Sons were the best live show all year". (okay...Maybe Brant Bjork too)...FREE meets Humble Pie meets Zep...the singer's pipes are amazing and the dude can blow the harp too. Hard Rock like it's meant to be played. Rumor has it, they are doing two nights in Toronto in September. Don't miss these guys if you get a chance. The record does not do the live show justice. Take your date to a gig. It's the best kept secret....You'll be a rockking!

...the rock n roll gem find of the year I say! - wino

Before the fire


Dr.Alphonzo said...

Whoa!! Bloody marvelous!!!

pahprint said...

Old time!
They're all great.
Reminds me of the best of the bar music around town b.i.t.d. (Moxy at the Knobbie f'rinstance).

glamking said...

Amazing band!
Could be giants in the 70s.
Thank you very much!