Sin City Boys @ Graffitti's Toronto

Sorry for the long delay. Work is a bitch.....and I needed a haircut...

A wet humid rainy day today, so I decided to head to the Market. Gerard, my old neighbor has been playing Graffiti's every third Saturday of the month, for at 8 years now I think. As the electric guitar player in the group, in one of the hardest working bar bands in downtown Toronto, he only is allowed to sing one song. ;} And this is it. Young's Hurricane. A huge crowd pleaser in this full house. Tight little club with big analog volume. The bar owner rolls up the garage door to allow the music to drip into the streets. Watching people stop to listen as the back drop to the band, is half of this cool experience. It's like watching a film. The other half is the music. Makes anyone want to pound back the pints with a hand full of peanuts. Some of Toronto's old rock musicians are known to get up to sing a number too. They play 50% covers - 50 % originals. File under country rock. But they are known to play DEEP PURPLE and THE WHO too. Show from 4pm - 7pm. Get there early if ya want a seat. After shopping for your fresh Celantro or smoked Guniness cheese in Kensington, head over for a pint. You'll have a blast. No Cover

Like a Hurricane

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So glad I didn't erase you from my bookmarks. Great to see you posting again.