BE BOP DELUXE - Axe Victim (1974)

Be Bop Deluxe was founded by Bill Nelson in 1972. They came out of the blues-based British rock scene of the late 1960s. At first they were compared to the more successful David Bowie, but Nelson never tried to copy Bowie, and appears to have disliked comparisons or being pigeon-holed. This artistic restlessness eventually led him to disband Be Bop Deluxe altogether and pursue less commercial paths of expression.

Influences on the band's music included David Bowie, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator and Frank Zappa. The band's sound emerged as a mixture of glam rock, synth rock, prog pock and straightforward rock and roll. Science fiction imagery (e.g. robots) was common in the band's lyrics, along with the more traditional themes of love and the human condition (albeit often hidden beneath Nelson's quirky lyrical and musical metaphors.)

Axe Victim (1974)

1. Axe Victim
2. Love Is Swift Arrows
3. Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus
4. Third Floor Heaven
5. Night Creatures
6. Rocket Cathedrals (written and sung by Robert Bryan)
7. Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape
8. Jets at Dawn
9. No Trains to Heaven
10. Darkness (L'Immoraliste)

CD Bonus Tracks:

1. Piece of Mine (live)
2. Mill Street Junction (live)
3. Adventures In a Yorkshire Landscape (live)

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Jeff King said...

Be Bop had a couple of great radio singles and a lot of hidden gems on their albums.

Thanks for the reminder...

J. King

Anonymous said...

one of the most fluid guitarists ever "...yorkshire landscape" should never have to end.

Anonymous said...

Could you please reupload this cd?

please! please!
Thank you!!!