While you twit...he's drowning

CLIMATE CHANGE...what the fuck are you doing about it!?


Scion said...

Going to watch it happen and deal with it, because it is completely and totally beyond the power of human beings to influence one way or another, except in inconsequential things ... our star (Sol) - or the sun - goes thru phases. Right now the mean temps on Venus, Mars and Jupiter have all gone up along with the Earth's - and ain't no industrial pollution on those planets.

We'd like to think eliminating carbon emissions will make a big difference, but it just won't.

Adapt ... or die.

Oracle said...

Scion is correct. This photo is shopped. Don't buy into the hoax. Gore is vested monetarily and will say anything to make more money.

Oracle said...

Ooops! Thanks for some great shares. By the way...doing those things are great of environment, but won't change the temperature.